5 Things You Should Know When Buying Used Commercial Trucks

pick the right used commercial truck in BC

Growing your commercial fleet with additional used trucks can be a financially savvy way of adding more vehicles at a reduced price. However, there are some catches with buying used commercial trucks that you need to be aware of before making your purchase. Not all used commercial trucks are alike, but there are a few standard items to keep your … Read More

Tips for Sharing the Road With Big Trucks

be sure to share the road with truck drive to keep you safe

It is no shock to see large trucks and oversized vehicles on North American roads at any time. For the most part, transport trucks handle a large chunk of the logistics in this part of the world due to the abundance of highways and the distance between major urban centres. As drivers, we should always be aware of the fact … Read More

The Importance of Choosing the Right Truck Maintenance Shop

heavy trucks got truck repaired and park at the truck maintenance shop

Finding the right service to manage repairs and maintenance for your fleet is key to any business’s success in the modern market. A good truck repair shop will work with your company as a partner, rather than just another vendor for services. When it comes to creating business success, the team at Dieseltech understands the importance of committing to that … Read More

15 Unique Toolbox Organization Ideas to Keep things Handy

truck toolbox organization

Your truck toolbox requires to be organized, failure to which you can easily misplace some of the essential tools you use daily. If you use your toolbox every day for truck repair, organizing it well helps save a lot of time, you would otherwise spend looking for a certain tool. It does not matter whether you have a lot of … Read More