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Diesel Truck Mechanics

Dieseltech Truck Repair & Mobile Service offers comprehensive truck and trailer repair services in Burnaby. Our 15,000-square-foot shop on Still Creek Drive in Burnaby has a full suite of diagnostic equipment and our mobile service can provide roadside repairs of all kinds to trailers and commercial fleet trucks. 

We have performed work on trucks of all kinds, including 18-wheelers, for many different types of businesses, from moving companies to long-haul trucking services and even truck dealerships and heavy industrial companies.

We are committed to providing exceptional mobile and roadside services. We understand that your time is valuable and that when your commercial vehicle breaks down, you can’t necessarily wait for repair shops to open. Our 9 mobile repair trucks are always ready 24/7 to meet your needs when you need them – no waiting for the shops to open.

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Commercial Truck & Trailer Repair

We offer extensive repair services for all types of commercial trucks and trailers, including pickup and passenger trucks, box trucks, flat-decks, city tractors, highway tractors, and all other specialized on-road trucks.

Our shop is well equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment and on site parts that will help get your commercial vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

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Fleet Repair & Maintenance

Reliable fleet repair shop, able to service fleets from 10 - 100 trucks. We offer mobile fleet repair to service your company's truck and trailer at your location or on the road.

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Truck & Trailer Shuttling

Our shuttle service allows us to pick up your truck or trailer, repair it, and delivery it back. No insurance needed. Call us to learn more.

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Designated Inspection Facility

We are a designated inspection facility for trucks over 5500kg and all trailers.

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Mechanics Wanted

We're always looking for great Heavy Duty Mechanics to repair, service, and maintain truck and trailers.

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24hr Mobile Truck Repair

Dieseltech's mobile truck repair services are available to provide fast and reliable repairs on broken down commercial vehicles from Squamish to Abbotsford. Our service is available 24/7, so you never have to worry about having a vehicle and driver stranded on the side of the road for hours on end.

To make sure that we reach our customers in a timely fashion, Dieseltech keeps 9 Mobile Repair Trucks fully stocked at all times with the necessary parts and equipment to handle a wide range of issues. When you are in need of urgent commercial truck repairs, Dieseltech's Mobile Repair Service is just a quick call away.

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ICBC Mechanical Repairs Vendor

Fleet Maintenance


The best way to avoid untimely breakdowns of a vehicle in your commercial fleet is to keep them up to date with regular maintenance from Dieseltech.

Our 15,000 square foot shop located in Burnaby can handle the required maintenance on truck fleets. Our technicians are highly skilled and fully equipped with the latest and best diagnostic equipment that will help ensure your fleet stays on schedule.

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We Are Moving!

New services offered at 1650 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam

  • Heavy-Duty Alignment for trucks and trailers

    Our alignment rack is pre-programmed with specs for all major truck and trailer brands. Your results are instantly compared against OEM specs for your equipment.
    Keeping your equipment in proper alignment results in up to 20% greater tire life, and up to 2% fuel savings.
    Alignment checks allow you to find when adjustments are required, instead of waiting for the parts to break

  • Fully equipped Truck and trailer wash bay

    Our Hotsy® Hot Water Pressure Washer will keep your equipment looking its best
    Environmentally responsible – Wastewater drains through an oil trap

  • Quick Lube Bay

    Taking full advantage of our “Pit”, capable of holding up to three tractors, we now offer quick lube service while the driver waits in the truck, or in our well-equipped customer lounge

  • Forklift maintenance

    Oil and filter changes, maintenance and repair on non-safety-critical items

  • Yard Goat Service

    “In the event of a warrantable failure of your Capacity Yard Goat, Dieseltech is authorized to direct file warranty claims to Capacity. We do all the work for you, and you don’t get a bill.”
    We have one rental yard goat available
    Expertise in yard goat hydraulics, pintle hitches, liftable fifth wheels, and cab controls.

  • Mobile Paper Shredders

    We work closely with major suppliers of mobile paper shredding trucks, including Securit, Shred Tech, and Alpine Shredding. We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of mobile shredding bodies, including shredder rebuilds, hydraulics, control units, tunnels and clamps.

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