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Commercial Truck Oil Change

Commercial or heavy truck oil change services are important for anyone who owns or operates a heavy-duty truck. These vehicles require more frequent oil changes due to the strain they put on their engines. However, a problem many semi-truck drivers face is finding a service that can accommodate their large vehicles and provide quick, efficient service to minimize downtime. Additionally, commercial trucks often require specialized oil and filters that may not be readily available at traditional oil change shops. When it comes to changing oil, it's important to find a reputable service that understands the unique needs of commercial truck owners and can provide quality service to keep their vehicles running smoothly. At Dieseltech, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to improve the performance of your heavy-duty commercial truck.

Express Lube Bay

Your trailer is fully loaded, you have all of your fuel stops mapped out, you have 20 hours of podcasts downloaded to get you through the prairies, and you’re on pace to drop that rush load in Toronto before 9 am on Monday, and be back in Vancouver before your MVI expires to do comprehensive maintenance. At that moment you see your oil change reminder threatening to ruin all of your plans. You don’t have time to find and wait for an appointment to get a full service done.

No need to worry! Dieseltech has a Express Lube bay, with a pit long enough to park your truck and trailer with room to spare. Depending on how full the bay is, you may not even have to drop your load. Pull in, let us take care of your engine with new Fleetguard or Cat filters and clean Rotella oil while you wait, and get back on the road in record time!

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Oil Change Services

Our shop offers a range of services regarding oil changes and engine maintenance. These services include oil and filter changes, as well as more in-depth engine inspections and repairs. During an oil change, a Dieseltech technician will measure the oil level, drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, and refill the engine with new oil that meets the specifications outlined in the owner's manual. We may also visually inspect the engine and other components to ensure everything is in working order. For more in-depth engine maintenance, we may perform diagnostic tests to identify any issues and then make repairs as needed. This can include replacing worn or damaged parts, cleaning or replacing filters, and checking and adjusting fluid levels.

At Dieseltech, we are equipped to provide regular maintenance to all sorts of commercial trucks. We can handle all engines whether you need a dump truck, flatbed truck, or semi truck oil change.

Our team of commercial truck technicians is trained to provide comprehensive maintenance services that help keep heavy-duty trucks and fleets running smoothly and efficiently:

Brands We Offer

At Dieseltech, we use trusted brands and abide by the manufacturer's specifications for every truck.
There are several oil and filter brands that are commonly used for heavy-duty commercial trucks, including:

  • Mobil Delvac
  • Shell Rotella
  • Valvoline
  • and Castrol.

The viscosity of the oil used in heavy-duty trucks can vary depending on the manufacturer's specifications, but common grades include 15W-40, 10W-30, and 5W-40.

When selecting an oil and filter for a heavy-duty truck, it's important to consider the specific application and the manufacturer's recommendations. Different filters can be used to protect various systems, such as engine oil, fuel, engine air intake, crankcase ventilation, emissions, cabin air, hydraulic systems, transmissions, and coolant systems. Our technicians can determine which products best suit your vehicle to enhance its performance and lifespan.

Our team can provide replacement, repair, and maintenance services to your fleet of commercial trucks. Equipped with the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment, we can ensure your fleet stay on schedule year-round.


1. How Long Can a Light-duty Truck Go Without An Oil Change?

In previous years, it was recommended that light-duty trucks should have their oil changed every 5,000 km. Recent advancements in automotive technology suggest that you can extend this timeline to be between 12,000 to 16,000 km before needing an oil change, however, this greatly depends on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of driving you’re doing. Drivers who experience a lot of stop-and-go, running smaller city errands, should have their oil changed around the 7,500 km mark. Those who drive primarily longer distances on the highway can stretch that out to about 10,000 km. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for guidelines on your specific truck’s oil needs or consult our experts at Dieseltech for a personalized evaluation.

2. How Often Do You Change Oil In a Light-duty Diesel Truck?

Light and regular maintenance to your diesel truck is not only the key to keeping a healthy engine but a safe one too. The frequency to which light-duty diesel trucks need an oil change varies between different makes and models, as well as the type of trips the vehicle is undergoing. When used for highway driving at consistent speeds and long journeys, your diesel engine won’t decline in performance as much as a lot of stop-and-start driving will. However, it’s recommended that you inspect the oil quality and viscosity every 8,000 km and have a complete oil change and lube every 12,000 km. For a personalized assessment of your diesel truck’s lube and oil needs, our team at Dieseltech specialize in quick and efficient truck maintenance and repair to keep you on the road and out of the shop.

3. How Often Do You Change Oil in a Semi-truck?

The average timeline for an oil change on a semi-truck is anywhere between 16,000 to 40,000 km but is dependent on a few factors. As automotive technology has advanced in recent years, oil change frequency for newer semi-trucks is becoming less and less. However, if you’re operating an older or heavily used semi-truck, your truck will require more frequent oil changes. Driving habits, such as frequent acceleration or hard stops, will put more stress on your semi-truck’s engine and shorten the lifetime of your oil. Abiding by your semi-truck’s oil change intervals is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle and ensuring safe transport. Our facilities at Dieseltech are designed to host larger vehicles such as your semi-truck. Come in for a quick and easy lube and oil change today.