How Often Should You Grease a Semi Truck?

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Even the most experienced truckers wonder about how often you should grease a semi-truck. To make matters worse, there is a lot of conflicting information out there that can make it hard to determine the exact frequency with which you should grease your truck. In this article, we will go over the particulars involved with greasing your truck and will address what the best frequency is for its upkeep.


What Is Truck Greasing?

To talk about the greasing of a semi-truck may seem odd, but in reality, it is one of the most important parts of maintaining your semi-truck while you’re on the road. Greasing involves lubricating several truck components, such as:


Effective greasing is important to your truck’s overall performance. Not only does it help to protect your car’s interior equipment, but it also prevents damage caused by water seeping into your truck’s components. Having your semi-truck greased is also a great deal, as it is an incredibly inexpensive treatment for incredibly high returns.


What are the Dangers of Under-Greasing?

If you do not grease your truck often enough, you run the risk of causing damage to your truck’s parts. An insufficient amount of lubrication can allow for unruly wear on your truck’s components, as well as high amounts of corrosion.


What are the Dangers of Over-Greasing?

In the same vein, over greasing your truck can also be damaging. In fact, if you apply too much grease to your semi-truck, it could result in high temperatures that can damage your truck’s inner components. Other possible risks that could arise from over-greasing include:

  • Collapsed seals
  • Electric motor energy loss or failure
  • The rapid oxidation of grease


How Often Should You Grease a Semi-Truck?

With all of the above considerations at the top of mind, we can say with confidence that the best frequency with which to grease a semi-truck occurs anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 kilometres. Of course, the exact interval that works for your truck will have to be determined based on its particular performance and condition.

If you are wondering how far 20,000 km to 40,000 km looks like on a calendar, consider that the average semi-truck driver will travel anywhere upward of 3,2000 km a week, which means that it will not actually take long to hit 20,000 to 40,000 km, depending on the driver.


Another option for keeping on top of your truck’s maintenance is by enlisting the help of an automatic lubrication system. These can help trucks stay lubricated while they are on the road and takes the guesswork out of wondering when your semi-truck is due for a greasing service. You don’t want to make a miscalculation when it comes to truck grease — remember the dangers of over or under greasing that we went through above.


How Can I Select the Right Grease For My Truck?

Not all truck grease is created equally, and your truck repair and maintenance professionals will be able to help you with identifying the grease that is right for your operations. It is not always advisable that you choose your own grease as choosing grease types that come with incompatible thickeners are not always compatible with one another and can sometimes be rendered ineffective if combined.  While truck grease can come in a variety of colours, this fact does not necessarily have an effect on its performance.


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