Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management

Dieseltech uses software provided my TMW Systems to manage our entire operation, from PM planning to generating the final invoice.  TMW’s software was originally designed for fleets, and offers some of the most powerful reporting, PM planning, and repair management tools in the market today.  By using TMW Systems’ software, you gain access to these tools at no additional charge. 
Our Software Can Help With The Following:

  • Monitor lifetime spending on your units.
  • Create custom reports to meet your needs.
  • View the status of repairs and upcoming PM’s online.
  • Identify parts warranty failures during the repair.


Garage Management

Leave the day to day operations of your garage to our dedicated fleet management specialists. You can save yourself hours of work and stress otherwise spent working on preventative maintenance schedules, building parts inventories and managing vendor in and out data. We have all the necessary software to make your garage management easy and clear, so you can expect accurate and up to date schedules, inventories and other data from out fleet management team at all times.

Telematics Installations

Get real-time updates regarding the details of your fleet's performance and operations on a daily basis with Dieseltech's intelligent telematic monitoring.

Learn everything from:

  • Vehicle speeds
  • Fuel consumption
  • Tire pressure and even driving habits of your operators to save on maintenance costs and lower the risk of on-road issues such as accidents and breakdowns.

By taking advantage of the latest in telematics technology from Dieseltech, you can get continuous peace of mind knowing where your fleet is at all times. You can also save on maintenance costs thanks to real time updates on vehicle and equipment status.

And Much More...

Contact the friendly fleet management professionals at Dieseltech today to find out how we can improve the operations of your vehicle fleet today!

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