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Dieseltech Green Freight Program

For any heavy duty truck fleet, fuel is the highest operating expense you will incur.  For years, your fuel cost was seen as an uncontrollable expense, but as technology advances, we are seeing that fuel savings are now very tangible reality.  Reducing your annual fuel expense will not only help your bottom line, but it will also help the environment.  In 2018, the Government of Canada launched the Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP) investing $3.4M over four years to help companies make data-driven investment decisions to reduce their emissions and fuel costs. Dieseltech is proud to work with Natural Resources Canada as a certified Green Freight Assessor.  Through the Green Freight Assessment Program, you can gain access to up to $110,000 of government funding to not only identify technologies and strategies to reduce your fuel expense but also purchase and install new technologies.

Dieseltech’s approach to Green Freight Assessments is unique in that we not only analyze the data and make recommendations, we can also assist with the acquisition and installation of fuel savings devices.  To close off our Green Freight Assessment, we will assist with the creation of your unique Fuel Management Plan to ensure that your fuel savings are monitored and continue to grow year after year.

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Vehicle Efficiency Program

In addition to our work with Natural Resources Canada, we also work closely with BCTA to help you gain access to Clean BC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program funding.  The Clean BC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program was first launched in 2019, and has been a resounding success.  After having at least one company representative attend a half-day course on developing a Fuel Management Program, your Heavy Duty Fleet can gain access to up to $100,000 of Provincial funding to purchase and install specific fuel savings technologies. 

Dieseltech can not only assist you with entering into the Clean BC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program, we can also assist with the purchase and installation of your chosen technologies.

A good Fuel Management Plan, taking advantage of the latest technologies will not only strengthen your bottom line, but it will also help with our industry’s emissions. Dieseltech is ready to help you with your goals of going green.

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