Yard Goat Service and Rental

Terminal Truck Service & Rental

It doesn’t matter if you call it a terminal truck, shunt truck, spotter truck, spotting tractor, yard truck, yard shifter, yard dog, yard goat, yard horse, yard bird, yard jockey, hostler, or mule, it is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for your terminal operations, and we are here to keep them running!

Yard Truck Service and Rental

Yard Goats live a hard life, and you expect them to live a long life. From auto-greasers to air actuated fifth wheels, to front pintle hitch systems, yard goats are normally equipped with devices not normally seen on tractors, and Dieseltech can fix them all. You can’t afford to pull a tractor off the road because your yard goat is down.

We have a wealth of experience in the repair and maintenance of Capacity, Ottawa, and Kalmar yard goats. If you have a Capacity yard goat, we can direct file a warranty claim on your behalf to Capacity, so there is no need to pay us and sort through the warranty process yourself.

If your yard goat suffers a major failure, our rental yard goat, “Donkey” is ready to go to keep you running. We will bring our yard goat to you, and take your yard goat to our shop for repairs.


Rent a Yard Truck in the Greater Vancouver Area

Yard trucks are highly efficient: from allowing operators to lower trailers to disengaging the fifth wheel from the cab, you can save time and energy with a yard rental. A yard truck can typically move three units in the same amount of time it takes a standard trailer to move one. If you’re in need of a reliable yard truck to move semi-trailers, terminal containers, or roll-type trailers, in or around your commercial freight yard, our team at Dieseltech has the equipment for you. Our yard truck is available for rent to keep your commercial business running smoothly. If your yard truck is in the shop for repairs, our fully serviced, reliable yard truck rental will be delivered and picked up by a Dieseltech technician.

Why Rent Yard Spotters From Dieseltech?

Not only do we have the tools, expertise, and facilities to fully repair specific yard truck systems, but we have a regularly maintained and reliable spotter truck of our own. Our trusted team of technicians will deliver a fully equipped spotter truck to you to prioritize your time and efficiency. When looking to increase productivity and cut down on time, consider a yard truck rental for your trailer-moving needs.

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