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For businesses operating multiple vehicles, consistent fleet maintenance is not a luxury—it's a necessity. At its core, fleet maintenance is the systematic process of ensuring each vehicle in your line-up receives preventive maintenance, from routine vehicle inspections to recording service history. This diligence helps identify potential issues before they escalate, keeping repair costs manageable and ensuring drivers are always behind the wheel of a truck in good working order.

The primary problem? Downtime. Every moment a truck sits idle affects your bottom line. That's where Dieseltech comes in. We prioritize reliability, ensuring that potential issues are addressed proactively to keep your fleet moving. Entrust Dieseltech with the task and experience the difference firsthand.

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Advantages of Preventative Fleet Maintenance

Every fleet manager recognizes that the backbone of a successful operation is the reliability of their company vehicles. Regular maintenance isn't just a checklist task—it's a strategy that ensures the longevity and safety of fleet vehicles. Dieseltech champions this belief, understanding that regular servicing, rooted in preventative maintenance, can transform the trajectory of your fleet's performance.

The benefits of preventative fleet maintenance include:

  • Minimize Costs: Regular maintenance catches minor issues before they escalate into substantial repairs, streamlining your budget.
  • Boosted Productivity: Downtime is a drain. Ensure your fleet vehicles remain operational, maximizing productivity and reducing unexpected halts.
  • Enhanced Safety: A well-serviced vehicle is a safer vehicle. Protect not just your drivers but everyone on the road.
  • Inspection Readiness: Fleet maintenance prepares your vehicles for inspections, reducing potential infractions and the financial penalties that come with them.

Put your trust in Dieseltech to elevate your fleet's efficiency. We're not just servicing vehicles; we're bolstering businesses.


Our Heavy-Duty Truck Fleet Services

Dieseltech stands as a beacon for fleet managers and businesses that require top-notch, comprehensive fleet repairs. We understand that trucks are more than just assets; they're the lifeline of operations. Our extensive parts inventory ensures timely repairs, keeping downtime to a minimum. We don't just fix your vehicles; we provide detailed information to manage and monitor the health of every truck under our care.

Our services include:

  • Tire Repairs: Ensuring optimal mileage and longevity.
  • Battery Repair/ Replacement: Vital for the uninterrupted functioning of your trucks.
  • Wheel Alignments: Maximizing tire health and fuel efficiency.
  • Fleet Services: Comprehensive solutions for fleets of every size.
  • Brake Repairs: Because no feature is more responsible for safety.
  • Alignment Repairs: Ensuring every trip is smooth, maximizing fuel economy and tire life.
  • Transmission Repairs: Essential for the heart of truck operations.
  • Electrical System Services: We handle every wire, device, and technology intricacy.
  • Steering System Repairs: Ensuring every turn is safe and precise.
  • Air Conditioning Services: For the comfort of those behind the wheel.
  • Preventive Fleet Vehicle Maintenance: Monitoring oil, brakes, and other vital systems before they become issues.
  • Fuel Management: Efficiently powering every journey.
  • Licensing and Regulatory Compliance (DOT/CVSE): Keeping companies on the right side of regulations.
  • Fleet Telematics Connectivity Solutions: Modern technology solutions for fleet managers.
  • Safety Protocols: Prioritizing the welfare of drivers and assets.
  • Collision Management: Expert care when things don't go as planned.
  • Trailer Shuttle Services: We handle your trailer moves and can organize and plan trailer pickups/drop-offs at your convenience.

At Dieseltech, we're dedicated to offering comprehensive fleet services, ensuring your trucks and business are always in motion.

Commercial Roadside Assistance

When it comes to fleet repairs, 24/7 access isn't a luxury—it's vital. Dieseltech understands this fundamental value and provides round-the-clock mobile truck repair service, ensuring our customers are never stranded. Operating with 9 fully-equipped mobile repair trucks, we're primed to address nearly any challenge your commercial truck faces in Greater Vancouver. Whether it's a brake issue, a crucial replacement part, or preventative maintenance, we're always ready.

Given Canada's vast highways, a break can occur miles from a repair shop. But with Dieseltech, our fleets and trucks aren’t confined by this factor. Our roadside repair trucks guarantee onsite assistance wherever you are. Plus, our partnership with other repair shops outside the Lower Mainland ensures you're covered even out of town. From battery jump-starts to coolant leaks, our employees, equipped with advanced software and diagnostic tools, interact efficiently, promptly reaching your site with the interest of swift and comprehensive solutions.

Service Guarantee

At Dieseltech, our client's trust is an essential element of our business. We proudly stand behind every fleet repair and preventative fleet maintenance service with an unwavering service guarantee. We understand the money and time invested in your company's operations. Our streamlined process ensures accurate tracking of purchase orders and work orders, offering full transparency. Beyond our reliability in service, we also provide accommodating financing options tailored to your needs. With Dieseltech, every element of your fleet repair and maintenance experience is designed with your company's best interest in mind.


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  • One of the best operating truck trailer repair facilities in the Greater Vancouver Area. The most talented team of mechanics with mannerly management.

    - Manpreet

  • Excellent truck and fleet repair service and work was completed when promised and the price quoted was correct, friendly staff bring going for years and will continue to do so.

    - Rick

  • Professional truck repair and maintenance services focus on customer satisfaction and make them happy. I'm the owner of a truck driving school. I have a long history with "Dieseltech." Good men!!

    - Tony

  • Friendly and prompt response to my broken liftgate call. Within a couple of hours I was back on the road. The office staff and mobile truck mechanic are helpful and friendly. Next day I ran the truck to the repair shop and they couriered the replacement part and had it installed by the afternoon.

    - James

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