Preventative Fleet Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to make sure your fleet of commercial trucks remains reliable and ready to go whenever you happen to need them is with regular preventative maintenance from a quality commercial truck repair service you can count on.

Dieseltech features the latest and best in terms of diagnostic equipment, experienced technicians and replacement parts that will help keep your fleet of vehicles running smoothly at all time. The last thing anyone in a time-dependant industry that relies on commercial vehicles for their operation wants to deal with is constant vehicle breakdowns. With comprehensive scheduled fleet maintenance from Dieseltech, you will never have to wonder if your commercial trucks can be relied upon again.


Fleet Maintenance Tailored to Your Needs

We offer mobile maintenance services as well as scheduled maintenance in our 15 000 square foot shop located in Burnaby to suit your specific needs. Thanks to our up to date scheduling system, you’ll never have to worry about making sure each of your vehicles gets the attention they require on a regular basis. With Dieseltech, fleet maintenance is reliable and stress free, as we handle everything from scheduled repairs and vehicle upkeep.

Commercial fleet managers can also rest assured that our staff is prepared to handle any and all service requirements, including certified vehicle inspections. We will also monitor all inspections, repairs and maintenance for each individual vehicle, so you remain up to date on the status of your trucks. This can go a long way towards helping your company stick to its busy schedule, while minimizing profit loss due to unexpected breakdowns and subsequent scheduling complications.


Fleet Management Software

Dieseltech uses software provided my TMT Service Center to manage our entire operation, from PM planning to generating the final invoice.  TMW’s software was originally designed for fleets, and offers some of the most powerful reporting, PM planning, and repair management tools in the market today. 

By using TMT Service Center, you gain access to these tools at no additional charge.  Our software can help with the following: Monitor lifetime spending on your units.  Create custom reports to meet your needs.  View the status of repairs and upcoming PM’s online.  Identify parts warranty failures during the repair. 

Our software can help with the following:

  • Manage transportation lifecycle – from order all the way to profits
  • Decrease out-of-route and empty miles to improve profitability
  • Plan and dispatch loads efficiently by capturing load entries, calculate miles and analyze pricing
  • Create smarter and more profitable decisions using real-time market data
  • Optimize lanes for maximum results
  • Plan your routes with out-of-the-box final mile routing technology integrations

What Is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is a service available from DieselTech which ensures the fleet of vehicles owned and operated by your business or organization remain in proper working order at all times. With this service you will be able to rely on your entire fleet to run safely, efficiently, and whenever you need them. When it comes to fleet maintenance with DieselTech, we offer the very best to our clients in terms of service and repairs, as well as a number of unique advantages that can make your life easier and your business run smoothly.

Our fleet maintenance services focus on preventing issues before they ever occur. We take pride in our proactive approach to maintaining a fleet of vehicles, which helps business owners save on things like repairs and operational costs. With a fleet that is running at peak efficiency at all times, our clients can spend more time focusing on building their business success. We can also help our clients pass their vehicle safety inspections with ease, as our fleet maintenance service prioritizes safety in each vehicle we enounter. From top to bottom, our fleet maintenance team is ready to keep your vehicles running at their best year round.

Our Fleet Maintenance Team

At DieselTech, we have a full team of dedicated staff members ready to handle every aspect of your fleet maintenance. From managing your repairs and regular maintenance schedule, to making sure each vehicle is operated by a trained professional and that repairs are completed properly and in a timely fashion, we have all of your fleet maintenance needs covered. Our drivers, mechanics and fleet managers are detail oriented and fully dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Different Kinds of Vehicle Fleets

Fleet vehicle is a term that is used to describe any type of motorized vehicle that is part of a collection of vehicles used by a business on a regular basis. These vehicles can range in size, type and even purpose, but each one is part of a whole commercial fleet which is either leased or owned by a corporate entity as a means of pursuing business and financial interests. Just as there are different types of fleet vehicles, there are also different types of vehicle fleets as well.

Trucking Fleet

For the most part, a trucking fleet dedicated to logistics and long distance transport will consist of lots of individual tractors capable of carrying large trailers over long distances. A trucking fleet can be dedicated to one particular brand or company, or it can carry products for a wide range of different companies.

Delivery Fleet

Unlike a trucking fleet, a delivery fleet is typically restricted to shipping products and goods in a single, localized area. For the most part, vehicles in a delivery fleet will operate from a central location where they pick up goods to be delivered to local addresses.

Taxi Fleet

Cabs are some of the most well known and recongizeable fleet vehicles outside of delivery and transport trucks.

Public Utility Fleets

For performing repairs to things like electricity, gas and water supply, public utulity services rely on their fleet of specialized vehicles which deliver workers, materials and equipment necessary for repairs.


Car Rental Fleets

Rental fleets such as Enterprise, Hertz and Avis have a huge number of diverse vehicles for clients to rent for personal use.

No matter what type of fleet you happen to operate for your business, our fleet maintenance service is ideally suited to your needs. We can provide clarity when it comes to maintaining concise fleet vehicle maintenance tracking, costs and even training. Our clients can also take advantage of special features such as our fleet vehicle maintenance app which makes it easy to track the status of your own fleet at the touch of a button. For more information, be sure to contact the friendly team at DieselTech today!


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While some garages are not prepared to handle large fleets of commercial trucks & trailers, Dieseltech has the certified staff, equipment and space to handle maintenance of fleets ranging from 1 to over 100 vehicles. Thanks to our extensive experience handling maintenance for all kinds of trucks and fleets that range in size, we can work with fleet managers to set up convenient schedules and maintenance services that meet time as well as annual budgetary requirements. Simply contact our friendly staff to set up a fleet maintenance package that is specifically tailored to your unique needs today!