How Often Should You See a Diesel Mechanic for Your Semi-Truck?

Image of semi trucks parked in a row

A diesel truck requires an experienced, well-trained diesel mechanic to guarantee high quality semi-truck repairs. To reduce your chances of breaking down on the side of the road or experiencing time-consuming mechanical issues during a trip, regular vehicular and semi-truck repair is crucial. That being said, maintenance visits with a standard mechanic won’t prepare your diesel truck in the same way a specialized diesel mechanic will. To ensure you are receiving the best diesel semi-truck repair services in the city, here’s what you need to know:

How Often Should You See Us?

The best way to approach diesel truck care is to stay ahead of the issues. Meaning, it’s much more efficient to invest in pre-emptive repairs and servicing rather than wait for a problem to occur. At that point, you’ll need to invest more time and money into your repairs, while losing valuable travel time as well. Therefore, our experts at Dieseltech Truck Repair and Fleet Maintenance recommend servicing your diesel vehicle every 6 months or 10,000 km – whichever comes first.

While this is a pretty safe estimate, the timeline for servicing depends on how you use your diesel truck. For example, if you’re using your truck daily, more frequent visits are recommended to counter the heavy usage. The length of your drives, the driving conditions, and the type of truck you’re using will all affect this timeline as well. For a personalized evaluation of your semi-truck visits, feel free reach out to our team directly.

What Happens During a Diesel Truck Maintenance Visit?

Overall, regular servicing will keep your diesel truck up to date while preventing devastating engine failures. But how will we achieve this feat? During your diesel truck repair service, our general procedures involve checking the following:

  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Electric systems
  • Oil, coolant, and additional fluid levels
  • Fuel and air filter replacement

What Can You Do Between Visits?

To up your level of diesel truck care, there are certain practices you can integrate into your routine to prevent unnecessary damage to your diesel truck. In between semi-truck repair visits, try to adhere to the following:

  • Look for signs of corrosion on the body of your truck
  • Monitor your oil and engine fluid levels
  • Check tire inflation regularly
  • Avoid stop-start driving
  • Avoid idling for long durations of time

Our Experience and Availability

When you’re booking your truck in to be serviced, experience and availability are two things you should inquire about. Your diesel mechanic should have the qualifications and industry experience to ensure they can provide the highest level of service to your fleet of semi-trucks. You also need to verify their level of availability. If a last-minute trip comes up and you need to book a semi-truck repair service that day, will your diesel mechanic be able to fit you in? If not, you may be left with an ill-equipped diesel truck.

At Dieseltech, we pride ourselves on making time for our clients. Not only do we offer flexible hours of service, but our team also provides 24/7 mobile truck repair services to ensure you’re never left without help. Since starting our company in 2008, we’ve built a reputation based on superior quality of service, great value, and customer convenience.

If you drive a diesel engine, we’d love to keep your commercial trucks running smoothly. Contact us today to book an appointment with our specialized diesel mechanics!