new services at dieseltech

New Services Offered

Dieseltech is moving on to a bigger and better location at 1650 Hartley Ave., Coquitlam. We are happy to announce that this big move will allow us to serve you in more ways than ever before. Here is an overview of the new services that we are able to offer, as well as the specialized services that we can already do for you.

Heavy-Duty Alignment for Trucks and Trailers

When you drive thousands of kilometers every week, your suspension and steering components will come out of adjustment, leading to problems with your alignment. When your trucks and trailers are out of alignment, then you need to spend extra money on tires and fuel. You could be spending an extra 2% in fuel, and reducing the life of your tires by up to 20% by running your equipment out of alignment.

We have installed a Hunter Engineering alignment rack, which is pre-programmed with OEM alignment measurements for all major truck and trailer makes and models. Our rack also gives instant feedback on the adjustments required to set your alignment back to perfect. Don’t wait for your suspension and steering components to break, call us to book your alignment check and adjustment today!

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Fully-Equipped Truck and Trailer Wash Bay

Finally, another truck and trailer wash in town!
Your truck not just a tool you use to do your job, it is your second home, the largest investment you will make in this industry, and driver and truck really are one. You care about your truck, and you want it looking its best. Unfortunately, your truck loves to collect all of the salt, corrosive chemicals, and grime on our highways.

Our new shop is equipped with a separate wash bay, powered by a Hotsy® Hot Water Pressure Washer, complete with oil separator traps in the drain sumps. For over twelve years, truck drivers and fleet managers have trusted Dieseltech to keep their equipment running at its best, and now you can trust Dieseltech to keep your trucks and trailers looking their best.

Quick Lube Bay

Your trailer is fully loaded, you have all of your fuel stops mapped out, you have 20 hours of podcasts downloaded to get you through the prairies, and you’re on pace to drop that rush load in Toronto before 9am on Monday, and be back in Vancouver before your MVI expires to do a comprehensive maintenance. Then the “Maintenance Required” light comes on, threatening to ruin all of your plans. You don’t have time to find and wait for an appointment to get a full service done. No need to worry! Dieseltech now has a Quick Lube bay, with a pit long enough to park a truck and B-Train set over it with room to spare. Depending on how full the bay is, you may not even have to drop your load. Pull in, let us take care of your engine with new Fleetguard or Cat filters and clean Rotella oil while you wait, and get back on the road in record time!

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Specialized Services

Your operations rely on more than just trucks and trailers to succeed. At Dieseltech, we repair and maintain all types of equipment you use every day or occasionally. Some of the highlights of what we can work on include:



A forklift is never more important than when its out of service. Our experience in running full terminal maintenance and repair systems has allowed us to expand our service offerings to include forklift maintenance and general repair.

Our expanded regular shop hours and mobile service means you can get your forklifts serviced during your downtime instead of scheduling maintenance around limited service hours. Our service trucks will come to you for regular maintenance, forklift emissions testing, and general repairs, including hydraulic hose fabrication and replacement. Our generous forklift labour rate and parts pricing also means more available funds in your operations budget.

Yard Goat Service and Rental

It doesn’t matter if you call it a terminal truck, shunt truck, spotter truck, spotting tractor, yard truck, yard shifter, yard dog, yard goat, yard horse, yard bird, yard jockey, hostler, or mule, it is one of the most critical pieces of equipment for your terminal operations, and we are here to keep them running!

Yard Goats live a hard life, and you expect them to live a long life. From auto-greasers to air actuated fifth wheels, to front pintle hitch systems, yard goats are normally equipped with devices not normally seen on tractors, and Dieseltech can fix them all. You can’t afford to pull a tractor off the road because your yard goat is down. We have a wealth of experience in the repair and maintenance of Capacity, Ottawa, and Kalmar yard goats. If you have a Capacity yard goat, we can direct file a warranty claim on your behalf to Capacity, so there is no need to pay us and sort through the warranty process yourself.

Better still, if your yard goat suffers a major failure, our rental yard goat, “Donkey” is ready to go to keep you running. Depending on the issue, we will tow our yard goat to you, and bring your yard goat back.


Mobile Paper Shredders

If you’re in the paper shredding business, then you know that thousands of pages of paper will eventually wear down even the toughest shredders. Excessive wear to your shredder means you are no longer able to meet the NAID requirements you advertise. Very few shops in North America have the expertise required to repair and maintain shredding equipment, and Dieseltech is proud to be part of this community.

We have extensive expertise with Shred-Tech and Securit shredders, and that expertise has taught us everything we need to know to repair and maintain all makes and models of mobile paper shredding units. We are equipped to handle aspect of shredder maintenance and repair, including, but not limited to, shredder block replacement, sensor adjustment and replacement, hydraulic system repair, and preventative maintenance.

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Film Vehicles

Whether your film vehicles work behind the scenes, or On Camera, you can trust Dieseltech to make sure they are available to keep your production running. Sure, we appreciate the fact that we can drive behind a truck sporting Dieseltech mudflaps, confident that it is safe to be on the road, but nothing beats the feeling of seeing a piece of equipment which we have worked on on the big screen.

When 20th Century Fox purchased two ex-Military Osh-Kosh trucks for Deadpool 2, they called on Dieseltech to make those trucks start and run every time. When the Hero car for Lost in Space blew a power steering line, Dieseltech was on set to make sure that a custom made vehicle with no parts list was fixed properly, and back in front of the camera.

Since we opened our doors, Dieseltech has been a proud supporter of the film industry in Vancouver. We understand the unique demands of your industry, and are prepared to meet them. You can trust that we will help you to meet your production schedule.