Different Types of Heavy Haul Trailers

Image of heavy haul trailer on road

If you’ve got a big load to haul, you need a heavy haul trailer. These specialized trailers can do just about anything. Firstly, they’re strong enough to tow large loads. Secondly, they are stable enough to carry other vehicles like semi-trucks. And lastly, they are customizable for all kinds of applications. Heavy haul trailers are built with one of five different types of axles. This includes lowboy, extendable (gooseneck), removable gooseneck, flatbed, and step deck. Each has its own pros and cons when it comes to hauling heavy loads safely down the road.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers are used for transporting loads that are too tall to fit in a typical trailer. This can be anything from machinery or large equipment, to lumber, steel, or other building materials. Lowboys are designed to lift the load off the ground so it can be transported without having to use a crane or forklift.

Most lowboys have an adjustable height hitch and can raise or lower the bed of the trailer depending on what needs to be carried. Lowboys allow you flexibility when transporting heavy loads because they do not require any special permits or licenses like other types of trailers do.

Extendable Heavy Haul Trailers

Extendable heavy haul trailers are the most versatile of all trailer types. They allow you to transport long pieces of equipment or machinery. Furthermore, they come in various sizes and can be extended to accommodate a variety of loads.

The advantages of extendable trailers include:

  • Flexibility – The ability to extend your trailer means that you can transport any item that fits within its dimensions.
  • Convenience – Because they’re so versatile, there’s no need to rent multiple trucks or trailers for each delivery. Instead, you can simply pack up one truck and deliver everything yourself in one simple trip.

However, while this type does have many benefits, it tends to cost more than other types because of its advanced design and materials used in construction (this will vary between manufacturers). In addition, since these vehicles aren’t common among businesses today—and therefore may not always be available when needed—you might find yourself paying extra money just so someone else has an extra vehicle they could lend out during an emergency situation!

Removable Gooseneck Trailers

Removable gooseneck trailers are designed for the transport of heavy equipment and machinery. They can also be used to transport other types of cargo as well. These trailers are usually used for long-distance hauls. However, they may also be used in urban areas depending on the size of your cargo. Removable gooseneck trailers have a gooseneck hitch, which makes them easy to hook and unhook from your truck when you’re not using it.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are used for hauling large, heavy loads. These types of trailers can be used for anything from hauling cars and other vehicles to hauling oversized loads. They’re often used for moving machinery or dirt equipment, but they can also be used in the transportation industry to haul any type of cargo that requires a flat surface on which it can sit or lie down.

Flatbed trailers are designed specifically with one thing in mind: to carry items that require a flat surface while being hauled by vehicle (e.g., vehicles without beds). The most common form of this trailer is what Americans call “flat-deck,” but there are many variations depending upon the size and shape of the load being transported!

Step Deck

A step deck is a trailer with a flat deck and ramps that fold down. The ramps are used to load and unload the trailer. Because the ramps allow the trailer to be loaded at ground level they are considered “heavy haul” trailers because they can handle heavier loads than conventional trailers. The ramps can be lowered by hand or hydraulically controlled by you or your driver.


There’s a heavy haul trailer for every job, from transporting cars to hauling grain. With so many different types of trailers to choose from, you should be able to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. If you have any questions, contact Dieseltech or pay a visit in Coquitlam today!