5 Surprising Spring Driving Tips for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Image of heavy duty truck driving down a wet road at night

Spring rainstorms can be a joyous sight, but they can also be dangerous if you’re not prepared. This is especially true for heavy-duty trucks. It’s important to know what to expect from the road conditions before driving in a spring storm. Here are 5 driving tips to keep you and your heavy-duty truck safe this spring…

Keep your tires properly inflated.

Check the pressure in your tires at least once a month, or more often if you’re driving frequently. Keep an eye out for signs of low or high tire pressure. If you notice a hissing sound when you drive over bumps or potholes, check your tires immediately! This could mean that air is leaking out of the tire’s inner tube; it’s time to get new ones! If you have a flat tire, pull over and call for help right away–don’t try changing it yourself unless you know what you’re doing (and even then, it’s not recommended).

Know what the road conditions are like before you drive.

Before you hit the road, it’s important to know what conditions are like. Check the weather forecast and local road conditions. If there are any closures or delays in your area, road condition websites will let you know so that you can plan accordingly.

Next, check the road surface itself–this is especially important if it has recently been raining or snowing heavily because those conditions often make roads slick and dangerous even when they’re not covered in ice!

Don’t make sudden moves.

When you’re driving in the spring rain, you don’t want to do anything sudden.

Don’t slam on your brakes. If there’s another car in front of you and they brake suddenly, it could cause an accident.

Don’t make sudden turns or stops (like at a stop sign). You don’t want to cause an accident by cutting someone off or running a red light because they weren’t expecting it!

Similarly, don’t change lanes suddenly–it’s better just to let other drivers pass when they need space than try to force them into letting you go ahead of them while driving in wet conditions. This can cause accidents too!

Slow down and be prepared for flooding.

When the weather is wet, you’ll want to be extra careful on the road. Spring rains can cause flooding, which can lead to dangerous driving conditions and even accidents. Slow the speed of your heavy-duty truck and be prepared for flooding. Don’t drive through water that looks deep or moving fast; if it’s moving in a direction you don’t expect (like towards your car), turn around immediately! If possible, avoid driving during heavy rainstorms altogether.

Look out for puddles and standing water on the road.

Puddles and standing water on the road are a common sight during spring rains. If you see puddles or standing water on your route, slow down! Driving through deep puddles can cause damage to your vehicle and could even result in an accident. If there is any doubt about how deep a puddle may be, stay away from it altogether until it dries out completely or wait until another driver has cleared the way for you by driving through first (if this is safe for them).

You can stay safe in spring storms by doing these things in advance of driving.

Before you hit the road, take a few minutes to check the weather forecast and road conditions. If you’re driving in an area where heavy rain is expected, make sure your tires are properly inflated and avoid driving at night if possible.

Always slow down when it’s raining–even if it looks like there’s no flooding on your route! It only takes an inch of standing water for a car tire to lose traction and hydroplane across your lane into another vehicle or object (like a tree).

If there are puddles along your route, be prepared for them by keeping extra distance between yourself and other vehicles around you. You should also keep an eye out for standing water on the road so that if any pools up unexpectedly underfoot while driving over them, it doesn’t cause skidding or loss of control before reaching solid pavement again.


We hope these tips will help you stay safe as you drive in the spring rain. It can be a little nerve-wracking to know that there’s a storm coming, but if you keep your cool and follow our tips above, then you’ll be ready for anything! To prepare your heavy-duty truck for a safe spring, come into Dieseltech. Our team of technicians can provide repairs, replacements, and maintenance services to your heavy-duty truck or fleet.