Must-Know Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips

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If you’re a diesel truck owner, you know that the engine is an essential part of your vehicle. It’s what makes it go and keeps everything else working properly–especially if you own an older model. If you don’t take care of it, your engine could break down on the road or at work and cause serious problems for everyone involved. … Read More

Different Types of Heavy Haul Trailers

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If you’ve got a big load to haul, you need a heavy haul trailer. These specialized trailers can do just about anything. Firstly, they’re strong enough to tow large loads. Secondly, they are stable enough to carry other vehicles like semi-trucks. And lastly, they are customizable for all kinds of applications. Heavy haul trailers are built with one of five … Read More

Best Batteries for Diesel Trucks in 2022

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Are you looking for the best battery to give your diesel truck the most powerful charge? When you need to tackle big jobs, diesel trucks can handle the task. There are many advantages to choosing a diesel engine over a gasoline-powered vehicle. Diesel trucks have incredible torque to increase their towing capacity, better gas mileage so you get more time … Read More

How to Choose the Best Semi-Truck Repair Shop for Your Fleet

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If you own a fleet of semi-trucks, you know how challenging it can be. While some days are smooth sailing, others can be incredibly harrowing and stressful. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the job. However, just because you own a fleet, doesn’t mean you need to take on the toll of maintaining it. By outsourcing your fleet maintenance to a … Read More

First Time Owner of Diesel Semi-Truck? What You Should Know.

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So, you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a diesel vehicle – or you’re at least considering it. No matter which boat you’re in, you probably want to know what you should expect from your diesel engine, and how to get the most life out of it. Since diesel engines differ from gasoline ones in several ways, it’s important to … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Semi-Truck’s Brakes

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The semi-truck is the workhorse of the commercial world, but it needs to be cared for if you want to get the most out of it. Your semi-truck brake system is one of the most important parts of your truck. If it isn’t working properly, you could be in for a world of trouble. Your brakes allow you to stop … Read More

How Often Should You See a Diesel Mechanic for Your Semi-Truck?

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A diesel truck requires an experienced, well-trained diesel mechanic to guarantee high quality semi-truck repairs. To reduce your chances of breaking down on the side of the road or experiencing time-consuming mechanical issues during a trip, regular vehicular and semi-truck repair is crucial. That being said, maintenance visits with a standard mechanic won’t prepare your diesel truck in the same … Read More

How to Prepare Your Diesel Truck For Canadian Winters

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It’s that time of year once again. The Vancouver heat waves are a distant memory and now it’s time for rainy days and frosted windows. As 2021 in Vancouver is set to be a snowy one, it’s time to start thinking about the health of your diesel truck. As a diesel owner, you expect your truck to be ready for … Read More

5 Signs Your Truck’s AC Unit is Failing

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As summer has come to an end, your truck’s air conditioning (AC) unit is probably enjoying a well-deserved break. If you were in Vancouver this summer, you know that your truck had to power through some record-breaking heat waves. While the temperatures have started to drop, so does the use of your vehicle’s cooling system. However, you shouldn’t ignore the … Read More

Tips for Sharing the Road With Big Trucks

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It is no shock to see large trucks and oversized vehicles on North American roads at any time. For the most part, transport trucks handle a large chunk of the logistics in this part of the world due to the abundance of highways and the distance between major urban centres. As drivers, we should always be aware of the fact … Read More