Navigating the Snow and Slush Season: Winter Diesel vs Summer Diesel Fuel

Image of heavy duty truck driving down a wet road at night

As the winter months approach, the diesel we rely on must undergo a massive change to accommodate the drop in temperature and maintain optimal engine performance. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between winter diesel and summer diesel fuels, understanding the need for winter blends, the impact of temperature on diesel fuel, and the role of kerosene … Read More

The Top 10 Most Important Safety Checks for Heavy-Duty Trucks

mechanic worker is using the daily checklist form to verify and inspection a heavy truck

Heavy-duty trucks are the backbone of countless industries, responsible for transporting goods and materials across vast distances. Ensuring the safety of these powerful vehicles is not only crucial for the well-being of drivers but also for the communities they traverse. Regular safety checks are paramount to prevent accidents, breakdowns, and costly delays. In this article, we’ll delve into the top … Read More

How Regular Engine Maintenance Can Help Save You Fuel and Money!

Image of Dieseltech technician providing maintenance work to truck.

When the engine in your commercial diesel vehicle is working properly, it will run smoothly. This reduces fuel consumption and helps the engine last longer. However, if you don’t regularly do routine maintenance on your engine, it could cause issues like poor performance or even breakdowns that can lead to expensive repairs. Regularly maintaining your heavy-duty truck’s engine ensures that … Read More

Understanding Diesel Engine Components: A User-Centric Guide

Image of diesel engine

When it comes to diesel truck engines, understanding each component’s role not only helps in maintaining the engine but also empowers truck owners and operators with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding repairs and optimizations. Here’s a user-centric guide that addresses common queries and provides practical insights into the diesel engine components. Components of a diesel truck engine Air … Read More

Preparing Your Fleet For a Hot Summer

Image of semi truck fleet

Seasonal maintenance is a must in the semi-truck industry, particularly when the snow melts and the heat of summer approaches. Having the proper tires, changing your winter oil out, and replacing the hoses and belts are just a few things you can do to prepare your fleet for the approaching season. Neglecting to attend to your fleet as the seasons … Read More