How to Choose the Best Semi-Truck Repair Shop for Your Fleet

Image of semi truck fleet

If you own a fleet of semi-trucks, you know how challenging it can be. While some days are smooth sailing, others can be incredibly harrowing and stressful. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the job. However, just because you own a fleet, doesn’t mean you need to take on the toll of maintaining it. By outsourcing your fleet maintenance to a third-party, whether partially or fully, you can reduce your stress, increase efficiency, and dedicate more time to growing your business. With an experienced team working to take care of your fleet, from acquisition and maintenance to semi-truck repair and disposal, you can optimize your cash flow. That being said, it’s crucial that you pick the best semi-truck repair shop for your fleet. Here’s what to consider:

The Size of Your Fleet

One important factor to consider is the size of your fleet. Do you have dozens or hundreds of semi-trucks to manage or do you keep a micro fleet? The more trucks you have, the more regular attention your fleet will need. Plus, larger fleets can be difficult to keep track of; from registration fees and licence renewals to frequency of semi-truck repairs, every truck adds a list of tasks. To eradicate some of the workload, outsourcing to a professional fleet maintenance repair shop may be your best business move. At Dieseltech, we have experience working with all sizes of fleets, from the one-truck operation to large fleets of 100 trucks, so you can put the stress of semi-truck repair on us. We can handle it!

The Distance Your Fleet Travels

The farther the distance, the longer your vehicles are on the road, and the more stress is placed upon your engines and parts. If your semi-trucks engage in long distance road trips, regular maintenance is a must. The last thing you need is a semi-truck out of commission because it missed a repair. Professional fleet maintenance ensures your trucks are safe, optimized, and ready for the long journey ahead.

Location of Shop

As a fleet owner, we know you don’t have time to spare. That includes driving out of your way to get to your semi-truck repair shop. So, when choosing which shop is best for you, it’s important to consider the location of your fleet in relation to the shop. Conveniently located in Coquitlam, our massive facilities can conduct 100 semi-truck repairs. Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art mobile repair service to bring the fleet maintenance to you. So, if you have a semi-truck stranded on the side of the highway, our 24-hour mobile semi-truck repair can be by your side no matter the time.

Hours of Service

It’s important to consider your schedule when choosing a fleet maintenance repair shop. You want to prioritize a team that opens early and closes late. It’s also worth noting if they offer emergency repair services should you need roadside assistance in the middle of the night.


When you choose a professional fleet maintenance shop, you should expect top-quality work at a consistent rate. Oftentimes, this is honed through years of experience working with many different sizes and ranges of fleets. If the quality, cost, or time to complete the service varies every visit, that shop may not have the standardized process of semi-truck repair down pat.


What does your fleet look like? The types of semi-trucks you keep will affect your choice of shop as not every mechanic has the expertise needed to work on specialized vehicles. Before partnering with a shop, confirm that they have the experience and tools needed to work on your specific fleet.

Customer Service

When you’re trusting a shop with the assets of your company, you deserve an open line of communication. Work with a team that makes you feel comfortable, heard, and prioritized. As you build a repour with your semi-truck repair technicians, try to find a point of contact in the shop that you can call should you need. Regular updates on an out-of-service truck can make a world of difference for your fleet management.

To work with a team that prioritizes your schedule, safety, and business, contact our technicians at Dieseltech!