Best Batteries for Diesel Trucks in 2022

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Are you looking for the best battery to give your diesel truck the most powerful charge? When you need to tackle big jobs, diesel trucks can handle the task. There are many advantages to choosing a diesel engine over a gasoline-powered vehicle. Diesel trucks have incredible torque to increase their towing capacity, better gas mileage so you get more time on the road and less at the pump, and they have a simpler engine which will grant a longer lifespan.

Just as diesel trucks run differently from gasoline-powered cars, diesel batteries differ as well. Diesel trucks batteries are available in a variety of styles to address certain requirements needed for optimal performance and longevity. This is vital especially when choosing the powerhouse for your heavy vehicle or semi-truck. Issues arise if you have the incorrect battery installed in your diesel truck. Some you may notice are excessive stalling, vehicle shutdown due to prolonged idling, or misfiring in your trucks electrical system.

As the batteries vary, so do the diesel trucks. Some work better than others depending on the machinery your navigating, therefore, it’s important to consult a professional when it’s time to replace your battery. The experts at Dieseltech can ensure optimized performance and compatibility between your diesel truck and the new battery. Below are a few diesel truck battery favourites, that prioritize higher life cycles, durability in harsh weather conditions, and offer advanced safety features.

1. XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V AGM High Output Battery

  • This battery utilizes AGM spill-free technology that seals the electrolytes in the fibreglass to prevents spills when mounting. Due to the strong seal, you won’t experience unnecessary damage to the battery when installing.
  • The tight seal and fibreglass layers also limit vibration to resist engine shocks.
  • In terms of performance, this battery allows you to run multiple heavy-duty accessories simultaneously, such as AC, music, high-beam lights, etc. Thanks to the 3,300 amps, this battery delivers high, consistent performance for your semi-truck.
  • If you hate letting your truck heat up before starting your day of driving, this battery offers cold start technology to run in sub-zero temperatures from the get-go.
  • With twice the lifespan of conventional batteries, the specific features of this battery offer longevity, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Reasonable cost (check the current price)

2. Optima Batteries 8020-164 35 RedTop Starting Battery

  • Optima batteries are tried and true. They’re known to run in the worst conditions and are suitable for a range of vehicles but thrive in diesel trucks.
  • Using dense glass mat separators, this battery is completely spill proof for a clean installation and drive.
  • The spiral cells technology consists of two lead plates coated with energy-dense lead oxide to improve power capacity.
  • This battery offers enhanced vibration resistance and can handle external impacts and shocks due to the durability of the body.
  • This Optima battery has 800 cold cranking amps and a reserve capacity of 100 minutes, making it a great option for those cold-start mornings.
  • Reasonable cost (check the current price)

3. Odyssey EXTREME 34/78-PC1500DT Battery

  • The spill-free design makes it easy to mount and is ideal for bumpy treks thanks to the lack of vent holes and tight factory seal.
  • The battery is enclosed in a flame retardant cell container to increase safety when navigating your diesel truck.
  • The plates are made of pure virgin lead and cover more surface area than other batteries. The design of the plates allows for a denser pack, giving the battery that much more power capabilities.
  • The Odyssey maintains a reserve rate of 80 per cent while cycling through 400+ charge ups and downs, giving it a great lifespan.
  • With an extensive warranty up to 4 years, you can drive comfortably knowing this battery is built to last.
  • Reasonable cost (check the current price)

4. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 94R Battery

  • This battery is one you should consider for your diesel truck and is a great value for the price.
  • The ACDelco runs great in harsh weather conditions thanks to the 800 cold cranking amp technology and is pressure tested to further your peace of mind.
  • It contains a high-density negative paste that not only improves performance but extends the battery life.
  • The vent-cap design and ribbed casing resists acid leakage and adds durability. Its design makes it puncture resistant to encourage acid circulation which avoids power shorts and keeps the battery cool.
  • With a warranty up to 42 months, this battery is a great option for diesel trucks.
  • Reasonable cost (check the current price)


When it comes to choosing a new battery for your diesel truck, there are many considerations that come into play. Above all, you should prioritize life cycle and compatibility to get the best performance out of your battery. Our team at Dieseltech can ensure that your battery is designed to fit your truck’s engine to optimize performance and keep you safe on the road. As specialists for truck repair and fleet maintenance, we provide quality commercial truck & wash truck bay services.  Contact us today to find the best battery for your diesel truck.