5 Signs Your Truck’s AC Unit is Failing

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As summer has come to an end, your truck’s air conditioning (AC) unit is probably enjoying a well-deserved break. If you were in Vancouver this summer, you know that your truck had to power through some record-breaking heat waves. While the temperatures have started to drop, so does the use of your vehicle’s cooling system. However, you shouldn’t ignore the signs of a failing AC unit just because you’re not using it as regularly. Here’s are 5 signs that your truck needs an AC repair:

1. No Air Flow

Quite an obvious sign, however, still worth mentioning. If you start your truck and try to crank the AC to no avail, you’re probably in need of some servicing. When no air, hot nor cold, is blowing from your vents, you might have an issue with your HVAC system. Typically, this is due to your unit being out of refrigerant, however, it could also be a clog in the vent or a case of damaged cooling fans. Nonetheless, a quick stop at Dieseltech will have your truck diagnosed and repaired in no time.

2. Air is Cool, Not Cold

If you’re blasting your AC with the dial turned to as cold as it can go, icy air should be blowing from the vents. If the temperature is not as cold as you’re used to, this could be a sign of an issue. Go in for a truck repair service as soon as you can, as you may have caught the problem in the early stages. The most common causes of insufficient cooling are a leak in the system resulting in lost refrigerant or a faulty AC compressor.

3. Weird Noises

Strange noises coming from your truck is rarely a good sign. If you turn on your AC unit and hear a mix of rattling or banging, it could be a variety of issues. It could be leaves or debris caught in your unit, or a sign of a worn-down mechanism that needs replacing. Nevertheless, if you hear weird noises coming from your truck, best course of action is to bring it into the repair shop.

4. Bad Odours

You shouldn’t have to hold your breath every time you need a cool gust of air in your truck. Foul odours may be a sign of a dirty air filter that needs cleaning or replacing. Furthermore, while bad smells coming from your AC unit can be unpleasant, it could be a serious health risk as well. From a leak to the growth of mold in your system, a careful inspection is crucial to protect your well-being and prioritize your comfort.

5. Water Inside the Cabin

After a drive with the AC on, you may notice a puddle of water beneath the car. Not only is this normal, but it’s a sign of a healthy cooling system. However, should you notice water inside the cabin of your truck, it could be cause for concern. When the AC is used, there is condensed water from the evaporator that needs to drain. If it cannot drain out through the designated hose due to a clog, it will leak into the cabin.

If you notice water pooling under the dash near the front floor mats, it’s time to come in for a truck repair service. Excess water can cause severe damage to your truck’s electrical system and pose a risk to your safety.

In Need of Truck Repair?

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